It is always good to go somewhere. To travel. Get into the plane, fall asleep and wake up with the sound of the plane touching the runaway. Bologna welcomed us in the morning and we had 2 hour road more ahead. Through Florence to Siena. On the way we have probably the best espresso in our life and incredibly sweet cookies ( present from the owner of the small coffee somewhere in tuscan village ). Tuscany in may was a bit different than we thought it would be. Not that fawn and burned with the sun, as on all these beautiful pictures in the internet. It was wild. Green. Narrow roads through the fields, abandoned palaces and castles overgrown with moss and pine trees. It you keep draming about the perfect slow life, viniculture, eating baguettes with olive oli, listening to Vasco Rossi ( check him out, epic ! ) , this is a place for you.

Kat ( born in Poland ) and Riaan ( came from Republic of South Africa ), decided not to just take their friends for simple tuscan wedding. They give them a vacation. With wine testing, italian food, italian music and landscapes worth million dollars. Since few months They were husband and wife, but They choose this small agrotourism in Tuscany, Tenuta di Papena, to give their vows to knowledge and reason, to love, support, inspire each other. Forever. As th newlyweds admit, it all started with wine, but it was not only wine the mine reason of this unique meeting. It was love, actually. Entire, free, huge and breathtaking. The elopement was exchange of flowers and olive branches, the bride and groom got from their families, to make one big bouquet symbolized new established family.

We’ve taken lots and lots of photographs during our tuscany trip. But most of all, we’ve experienced unique emotions, entire acceptance for the newlywed’s choice of having their dream wedding without official, without priest, just in front of mother nature, with the Verve song ( there was tears, yes there was ! ), and Wislawa’s Szymborska poem read in several languages. Thank you both Kat and Riaan for your open minds, and for opportunity of being part of this love fest.

Venue : Tenuta di Papena

wedding gown : Anna Kara 

bride’s shoes : Dolce & Gabbana

florists : Il Bouquet Siena


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