Raw, moody, emotional, wild, subtle. This is the way our photos are.

We’re all about honesty and curiosity.
There’s no rigid structure to our day-to-day lives, but we love our daily rituals: eating breakfast together, drinking coffee over work, then watching a show ( criminal series mostly) in the evening, and enjoying the silence after our daughter goes to sleep and we have some time to ourselves (a rarity, but a very welcome one).

This may not be the pinnacle of novelty, but we love to travel. Far and near. We live near the intersection of two international trans-European highways, and it’s closer from here to Vienna than to our capital. Whenever someone asks: “How was the trip?”, we immediately follow-up with: “Well, which one?”. As most of the time we start planning the next one on the way back from the last one. Discovering new places through touch, sight, and smell seems the most natural to us, the most stimulating, most valuable. Check out our travelplan, who knows, maybe our paths will cross one day.

Some may say that being in your 30s and listening to the same rap you used to love in high school is a bit cheesy. Well, we value sincerity and genuine emotion above all, so we listen to it without restrain. Once upon a time we both wore baggy pants and skate shoes, although Mateusz wore that style much better ( why did no one react ?! – Anna ). We’re children of popular culture and the 90s. We still live in the city, but the notion of moving out to a small house with a view of the Beskid Mountains, buying a Land Rover Defender (definitely in black), slowing down the breakneck pace of our lives a little, and smelling the roses, so to speak,is never far from our minds. However, slowing down, has been a problem for us since childhood. But until that happens, we chill out taking picnics on the roof of our Volvo (do you like to talk about cars? Because we basically never shut up about them), with blankets, good food, and music playing on our car stereo.

We’ve been very luck. We were able to take something that we love deeply and make it our job. Trust us when we say that it’s the best job in the world. Get in touch, we’ll gladly tell you more about it. If what you just read is enough for you, that’s okay, too. We’re fun to work with, and that’s the most important part, right?

Definitely check out the love stories we included in our portfolio and published on our blog. Learning our way of looking at the world will allow you to get to know us better. If you want to ask us for a quote, invite us to your wedding, or just ask us to recommend a good TV series, don’t hesitate, hit us up here: kontakt

How we work?

In our professional endeavors, we follow the same principles we do in life: we rely on our intuition and prior experiences. Above all, we’re discreet. We want to be your friends, someone you can count on on the day of your wedding. Completely and without reservations. We’ll help you tie your fulard, keep you occupied with small talk about television, work, our favorite car brands, and our preferred cuisines–whatever you need to relax and keep cool. Ask away, we’re there for you.
We won’t blind you with flashing lights–well, at least not right at the start. Trust us when we say that after a couple glasses of wine, you’ll be loving that spotlight.
Weather is never an issue. Join us in the rain. If you squint hard enough, rainy Poland looks just like Scotland, especially the pretty parts you’ve seen in Skyfall. Didn’t take an umbrella with you? Not to worry, we always bring a spare.

How should you prepare yourself for the pictures?

You always look your best in photos when you’re bringing your own ideas into life. If you feel that a black dress, bare ankles, and a dress shirt undone at the neck is the look you want to go with – don’t try to overthink and complicate things. Go with the flow.

Be yourselves, that one choice always works out.
We’re not overly fond of order. Yes, chaos can be inspiring to some degree, but in that special day keeping your surroundings neat and orderly is a major asset :).
Don’t hesitate and don’t compromise when it comes to picking the right spaces for your wedding day – the places where you will prepare yourselves, where you will exchange your vows, and dance into the small hours of the morning. Each place has its own soul and unique atmosphere, both of which will play a key role in the final look of the pictures from your wedding day. Remenber it.